Trucker Airdrop

We know that truckers are the backbone of the economy. No trucking industry = no economy. Additionally, truckers are leading the Freedom Convoy movement, at a very high level of personal sacrifice.

We want to reward the truckers for their enormous contributions to society.

Any trucker can receive 10,000 Freedom Convoy Coins (this is in addition to the 4000 free coins available in the general airdrop) by submitting your email address and a photo of your truck’s registration or some other photo to show that you do indeed drive a truck for a living. Please block out/cover any self-identifying information. The photo requirement is to prevent scammers from fraudulently submitting requests.

Coins will be sent to the truckers at the same time as the airdrop distribution.

If you are a trucker interested in registering for the Trucker Airdrop, simply send a short email with the above proof to (remove space): trucker