It bears repeating:


90-99.9% of all the Bitcoin is owned by 1% of all the users.
90-99.9% of all the fiat/government money in the world is owned by 1% of all the users.

The government fiat currencies have several tremendous problems, one of which is the concentration of the elites wealth due to a flawed distribution model. Central Banks create the money out of thin air and “loan” it (basically provide it for free) to insiders, bankers, governments and corporations. This is a financial system of the 1%, for the 1%. This is a system designed and rigged for the benefit of those at the top, and is not equitable for everyone, just the select few. You’ve probably heard the saying, “It takes money to make money.” The 1% currently have all the money, as well as control of the system to get more of it. The Freedom Convoy Coin aims to change that dynamic.

Cryptocurrency is an example of an improvement to the monetary system in efficiency and is not limited by borders. While the technology side of the current cryptocurrency projects may be sufficient for the time being, the actual distribution of Bitcoin and the alternative coins (“Altcoins”) is also very problematic. Just as with the fiat based monetary system, the so-called “elite” own and control 96+% of Bitcoin. Which means if they control Bitcoin (which they do), they in turn control – for the most part – the entire cryptocurrency markets in terms of price manipulation and price suppression.

80% of All Freedom Convoy Coins Will Be Given Away

Its time to focus on distribution as an equitable method to expose and prevent against manipulation of the markets in general and specifically prices. It’s time to put money in the hands of the 99%, not the 1%. Control of the medium of exchange needs to be spread across the world’s populations, and NOT concentrated in the hands of a few.

The distribution system of the Freedom Convoy Coin (FCC) has been designed to prevent the existence of whales and to place the medium of exchange in the hands of the people, and not the ultra-wealthy select few. A full 80% of ALL FCC coins will be given away to millions of people.

The Freedom Convoy Coin aims to be the currency of the people, for the people, by the people.
Distribution will be done on a mass scale from the beginning, this eliminates manipulation by the “elite” and there will be no possibility of “elite” whales in control. There will simply be no possibility of early manipulation. The airdrop will contribute to true decentralization which is yet to be seen. When the coin is released, it will be given to the masses and the top 1% will be left empty-handed.

What a refreshing change!

Maximum supply: 35,000,000,000

Initial Founders ~2.5% 875 Million coins. To be divided among the founders. Founders’ coins to be locked until 12 months after IEO.
Developer fund ~2.5% 875 Million coins. Fees to be paid to developers to maintain, secure, improve and update the blockchain.
Pre-sale ~9%
 3.150 Billion coins. (200+ investing members who will be an addition to the founding team helping to provide ideas and guidance)
Airdrop ~34% 12 Billion coins to be airdropped to 3 million accounts (4,000 coins per account).
Rewards bounty ~20% 7 Billion coins divided among the top 5000 Airdrop rewards members.
Truckers ~12% 4 Billion coins. 10,000 coins each, to every trucker that requests them, to the first 400,000 truckers submitting a request.
IEO ~0.01% 3.5 Million coins. Funds from IEO to be allocated to multiple community foundations who will help the community move the project further into widespread adoption and usage. Allocated to specialist departments.
Manipulation counteraction fund ~6%. 2.09 Billion coins. Part used for stability control fund to remove the possibility of early low volume manipulation, and maintain stability in the currency.
App introduction rewards ~14% 5 Billion coins. Introduction of 10 million members with the rate of new users growing compounded. A method to get the Freedom Convoy Coin to every small business/ university/ workplace and community.