About The Freedom Convoy Coin

There are immeasurable problems with the world’s monetary system. Central banks basically create money out of thin air and provide it essentially free to the very favored few. It is a system designed by the 1%, for the sole benefit of the 1%. They own the monetary system and, as such, the enormous amount of wealth is concentrated in their hands and under their control.

This is not going to change unless we the people, at a grass-roots level, take action to change it. That’s where the Freedom Convoy Coin enters the equation.

The Freedom Convoy Coin (FCC) will be given away to millions of freedom-loving people around the world. A full 80% of the maximum supply will be simply given away. A mere 0.01% (one hundredth of one percent) will be sold in an Initial Exchange Offering. There will be no whales. The 1% will not control this coin. The 1% will not own this coin. The people will own it. It is designed to be a medium of exchange for the people, by the people, and empowering the people.

The basic premise of this coin isn’t to sign up for the airdrop, then immediately upon receiving the free coins sell them on an exchange for a corrupt fiat currency. Doing that en masse will defeat the purpose of the coin. If the people of the world truly want freedom, they must abandon the money of the 1% and use their own money/medium of exchange.

Ideally, recipients of the airdrop will hold their coins as well as spend them, not convert them to central bank issued money. Together, we will receive far more value from the Freedom Convoy Coin is we use it for what it is designed to do: provide a grassroots medium of exchange for the populations of the world.

Wherever you shop, encourage the business to use FCC as the preferred method of payment. If we all keep our coins to use for spending with each other, the value of the coin will rise far above the IEO price. To read more about the value of the Freedom Convoy Coin, visit the Tokenomics page.

Conversely, if we all dump our coins for central bank money, the value of FCC will fall below the IEO price.

Support Freedom.

Encourage and educate everyone you speak to about the Freedom Convoy Coin. Let them know the tremendous benefits of using the coin as it was designed, as a medium of exchange for freedom-loving people the world over, free of the control of the 1%.

Together we have power.

United we will win.