The Freedom Convoy Coin

A decentralized meme coin inspiring freedom, prosperity and liberty, grounded in an endless belief in basic human rights and the principles of freedom.

This is Freedom’s Coin.

This is the Peoples’ Coin.

United, We Have The Power.

Together, We Can Win.

The Story of the Freedom Convoy COIN

First and foremost: We believe in Freedom.

We are a decentralized meme cryptocurrency; currently an ERC-20 digital meme coin on the Ethereum Blockchain (to migrate to its own blockchain later in 2022) that allows owners to digitally add their support for human rights and Freedom. We aim to inspire freedom, prosperity and liberty, and to liberate humanity from the control of the 1% (things we think people of every nationality can relate to).

The Freedom Convoy Coin is not inherently political or nationalistic as a people’s currency. The Freedom Convoy is a worldwide movement that has garnered viral support. The time is now to stand up for Freedom, regardless of where you may reside. Together, we have the power. United, we can win back our freedom.

A full 80% of the 35 billions coins will be given away. To receive your share, Sign up today.

Let’s take global monetary control away from the elitists – like the World Economic Forum – and place it back into the hands of the people.

Join the movement to regain our freedom, our incomes, and our prosperity.

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